Animal chess for Grilled Cheese magazine

Posted by on Oct 29, 2016 in Recent work


The editors at Grilled Cheese (the bilingual magazine for kids) invited me to design and illustrate a board game for their Play issue. I decided to adapt a game that my father played with me when I was a kid : Chinese animal chess. This is a game of strategy but with very simple rules that children understand. The animals in my version are in a zoo and are playing tag. The first animal to make it the other end of the board wins. The larger animals can tag the smaller ones on the other team to knock them out of play, by moving forwards or sideways onto an occupied square. Everything you need to play is in the magazine – the animal pieces, the board and the rules. Julien Boisseau, co-creator of Grilled Cheese, even made a wooden game to demonstrate at the fairs.


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