Mr. Crocodile at the Dominique-Savio Youth Center

Posted by on Apr 25, 2015 in Recent work

Chung-DPJi-blogI and 14 other illustrators of children’s books participated in a mural painting project organized by Illustration Quebec and the popular kid lit blog Les Petits Mots-Dit. The 13 murals were painted in the hallways and common rooms in the 6 to 12 year olds section of the Dominique-Savio Youth Center in Montreal all in one day. The boys and girls who were present were fascinated by this team of “painters” as they called us, who invaded their space for a day, and brightened up the walls. Publishers donated 40,000$ worth of books and other corporate sponsors donated paint, supplies, and food.


Our briefing was to create images inspired by the books that we had illustrated. I was paired with Yves Dumont, who had illustrated “Diabou N’dao et le lion”, a book with a jungle theme just like “Le Velo de Petit Lion”. We went back and forth with ideas and sketches, communicating by email, trying to figure out how to combine our different styles into a cohesive painting. We finally decided to place our characters on a single branch, with Yves’ jungle cats sleeping on one end while my Mr. Crocodile, Ouistiti, and the toucan look over them, from a safe distance. While we were painting we realized that our styles became similar because of the painting technique – Yves added more flat shapes and I added more texture to unify the piece.

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