Royal Cats

Posted by on Jul 22, 2014 in Awards, Recent work


Awarded in the 3×3 Professional Show #11 this year, the cat dish is a part of a new collection of high end porcelain bowls for Ritzenhoff, Pet Shop. The brief for the artists was to come up with surface designs that would reflect the pet owner’s desire to treat his or her dog or cat (see my dog bowl below, photo courtesy of Ritzenhoff) as a special member of the family. In accordance with my usual outlook on animals as royal beings with crowns on their heads, I drew cats with crowns, but special ones. In December for La Presse+ and La Presse (the daily paper I work for) I had created the three kings, who were cats, wearing fancy crowns, of which one was a crown of birdhouses. Taking off on this idea I created crowns for each of these cats that were inspired by birdhouses or cages or nests. The bowls can be purchased online at


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